On June 1st (Saturday), we will be holding “Everyone’s Shinagawa Sports FES. 2024,” which will focus on 3×3 official matches!

■ What is “Everyone’s Shinagawa Sports Festival”?

A sports festival centered on the official 3-man professional basketball game [3×3.EXE PREMIER JAPAN 2024] to be held on Saturday, June 1, 2024 will be held again this year.

The game unfolded with a sense of speed and there was a fierce battle under the goal. The highlight is watching the game from such a close distance that you can even hear the sounds of the players colliding. We will deliver an exciting match with the motto of “Surprise with offense” and “Move with defense”!

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Everyone’s Shinagawa Sports FES. 2024 (shinagawa-sportsfes.com)