[Second edition of Shinagawa Intercity’s 25th anniversary project] SHINAGAWA TECH WEEK will be held!

[Shinagawa Intercity 25th anniversary project second edition] SHINAGAWA TECH WEEK held!


SHINAGAWA TECH WEEK, held at Shinagawa Intercity, is an event hosted by Nippon Steel Kowa Real Estate Co., Ltd. where you can experience the latest technology.

Based on “SHINAGAWA TECH SHOWCASE (27th to 29th)” which was well received at the first event, it will be even more powerful as the second part of the 25th anniversary project!

The latest logistics technology exhibition “Logistics Warehouse Robotics Operation Exhibition 2024 (25th, 25th)” and “VEX” high school student competition aiming to educate and develop the next generation through robotics “VEX Robotics Competition – Newcomer Competition -” (25th )”It will be held.

An exhibition of logistics tech that uses technology to solve problems in the logistics industry, including the year 2024 problem. content/uploads/2024/03/%E5%B1%95%E7%A4%BA%E4%BC%9A%E8%A9%B3%E7%B4%B0-1.pdf”>Logistics Warehouse Robotics Operation Exhibition 2024, the content of the technology exhibition has been expanded from the “SHINAGAWA TECH SHOWCASE” held last year.

In addition to the open space, Shinagawa Intercity Hall is also utilized to express the “Tech City, Shinagawa” by using the entire city of Shinagawa as an event venue. The other contents also have the keyword “experience”, and the kitchen car provides ingredients that make full use of technology. This is a great opportunity to explore cutting-edge technology, explore new innovation ideas, and communicate with engineers.

Shinagawa, the city of tech, is an area where advanced technology companies gather, and are conscious of transmitting their potential to the world and passing it on to the next generation. The innovative ideas born here in Shinagawa, a future-oriented city where Japan and the world intersect and where ideas and implementation merge, will be the first step to change the world.

VEX Robotics Competition -Newcomer Competition-

This competition provides children with an opportunity to learn techniques such as robotics and programming with the aim of nurturing the next generation of scientists. This time, we are holding the first rookie competition for junior high and high school students in the world. Let’s support future innovators and problem solvers!

Date: March 25th (Monday) 11:00-14:00


Logistics Warehouse Robotics Operation Exhibition 2024 (Advance application required)

Japan’s first logistics tech exhibition with a total of 30 companies including famous logistics robotics companies, warehouse system vendors, and logistics 3PL companies. At this exhibition, you can experience the latest logistics warehouse systems and robot technology, as well as panel discussions and seminars by exhibiting companies. This is a great opportunity to find hints on how to turn challenges in the logistics industry, such as the 2024 issue, into opportunities for business expansion, so please join us.

The application form is Click here (Deadline: Friday, March 22, 2024 )
Exhibition contents: Details of Logistics Warehouse Robotics Operation Exhibition 2024 are available at Click here

What is “SHINAGAWA TECH SHOWCASE” where you can experience cutting-edge technology?

This event, which was held in Shinagawa, where technology companies are concentrated, had the theme of “experiencing the latest technology” and attracted many visitors last year. Comprised of three types of content: an experiential technology exhibition booth, a talk session, and food tech, this is an innovative service that allows you to verify your identity and make payments with just one facial registrationFreeiD PAY is attracting attention. “FreeiD” is a facial recognition platform that enables you to use daily life “identity verification” and “payment” services by simply registering your face once. You can also experience “FreeiD” when making payments for this event. You can get a glimpse of technologies that will be implemented in society in a few years and enjoy interacting with the people in charge of development.

In the talk sessions held every day, experts focus on current social issues and share future prospects using technology. There will also be a craft beer booth provided by the Oedo Beer Festival, where you can experience future technology while enjoying food and drinks.


[Shinagawa Intercity 25th anniversary project]

Shinagawa Intercity will celebrate its 25th anniversary in December 2023. Taking advantage of this milestone, we plan to implement various measures over the course of one year to develop the Shinagawa area not just as an office district, but as a “connecting and connected city.” We will contribute to the creation of a city where surrounding businesses, workers, visitors, and residents can experience new discoveries and enjoyment.

The project aims to embody the image of Shinagawa, which continues to grow together with excellent companies in the area, as “Shinagawa, the city of tech,” and will continue to be a “city where you can experience the latest technology.”